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Using up-to-date, evidence-based interventions, our psychologists treat a wide range of mental health conditions and behavioral challenges. Our guiding vision is that everyone* in our care experiences the healing, health, and hope they deserve.


Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar Disorder. Grief. Trauma. Shame. Anger. Stress. Relationship and family issues. It hurts. It’s exhausting. You’re losing hope. You’re at your breaking point…

Don’t give up!

Most of us walk around with problems that can’t always be seen, and as much as we would love to just “snap out of it” sometimes we need a little help. At Allay, our staff is here to help you work through life’s toughest problems. Using evidenced-based interventions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Interpersonal Therapy, Identity Formation studies, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)-informed care, we work to find hope and remind you that your best days may still be ahead of you.

Testing & Assessment

It’s been a long time—years in some cases. You’ve tried everything. Talk therapy and medication still aren’t enough. Something just isn’t right, and it feels like no one is listening or even understands what to do next. You have so many questions…

Don’t give up!

Some mental health issues need specialized testing to properly diagnose and plan your next steps. While there are many types of psychological testing, at Allay we offer specialized testing and related services in the following areas:

  • Educational assessment including cognitive (e.g., IQ testing) and achievement testing (e.g., screening for specific learning disabilities)
  • Neuropsychological assessment (e.g., screening for Dementia and Autism)
  • Personality assessment (e.g., clarifying diagnoses, informing clinical interventions)
  • Intellectual ability assessment (e.g., developmental delay identification and service planning)
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) planning and design

Training, Education, & Consultation

Your organization is growing and you’re excited about the possibilities. But when the growing pains begin, the team seems to be falling apart, and workplace stress and conflict are getting in the way of fulfilling organizational goals, failure seems imminent.

Don’t give up!

Even in their best attempts, some organizations hit a wall when trying to create a safe and cooperative work or ministry environment. Drawing from principles of organizational and social psychologies, at Allay we offer trainings and seminars focused on nurturing organizational cooperation by addressing common issues including managing workplace stress, team building, bias, conflict resolution, burnout, increasing productivity, and evaluating effectiveness of organizational goals, procedures and performance.

Allay also offers introductory mental health presentations for community agencies, including churches and other faith communities, to aid organizations in better understanding mental health needs of staff, leadership, and their broader community.

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If you find yourself facing mental health challenges, we are ready to hear from you! Our psychologists have years of experience helping individuals and families achieve improved mental health and wellbeing.