About Allay Psychological Services

Allay: to soothe or diminish worry or fear


At Allay, our mission is to create safe spaces for people to experience healing, health, and hope. Our doctoral level clinicians come with combined expertise in areas of child, adolescent, and adult mental health; research, mental health training, education, and program development; community outreach and engagement; issues of diversity and multiculturalism; spirituality and faith; managing workplace stress; and issues of aging.

Why a psychologist?

While we do offer traditional forms of counseling and therapy, in some cases, therapy or medication alone is not enough to fully address significant barriers that people face in their daily lives. What distinguishes us from many other providers is our focus on providing psychologist-specific services that help to remove these obstacles. Using formal testing and assessment, our team of psychologists can help you or your loved one achieve the peace of mind you deserve. To learn more about our assessment services, visit the “Our Services” section.

Everyone Deserves To Be Heard.

About Us

Allay Psychological Services was founded in June 2018 and is one of only a handful of Black woman-owned psychologist private practices in the Fresno area. Located in the heart of downtown Fresno, we provide high-quality mental health care and aim to reduce stigma toward mental illness and treatment, promoting health and wellness, and increasing quality of life.

Based On Service, Engagement, & Education.

Our Mission

Beyond providing high-quality mental health services, we endeavor to allow everyone the opportunity to experience healing, health, and hope. We accomplish this mission by placing additional focus in three areas:

  • Providing services to members of underserved and underrepresented populations (e.g. elderly and/or chronically ill, faith communities, LGBTQIA+, people of color, and rural communities, etc.).

  • Engaging with our community to promote mental health and wellness whenever possible.

  • Educating and training the next generation of mental health professionals to provide culturally responsive care.

We’re Ready To Hear From You

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If you find yourself facing mental health challenges, we are ready to hear from you! Our psychologists have years of experience helping individuals and families achieve improved mental health and wellbeing.