Regina J. Banks

Psychological Assistant

Regina Banks is a registered psychological assistant with Allay Psychological Services. Working under the supervision of two licensed clinical psychologists, she is completing specialist-level training in general and school psychology. Prior to joining Allay, Regina completed her bachelor’s degree in English at Fresno Pacific University. She went on to Washington University in St. Louis to earn her Master of Social Work in 2016, with a concentration in mental health, race, and socioeconomics. 

Regina is a third-year doctoral student at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts. There, her studies are focused on the intersection of mental health and race, as it relates to historically marginalized populations (e.g., African American, Native Peoples). Regina is a Fellow with the institution’s Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health and Black Mental Health Graduate Academy. This specialized education and training has prepared her to provide culturally sensitive mental health services to underserved and diverse populations. Additionally, Regina is in the process of earning certification in genealogical research from Boston University, a unique aspect of her work at Allay.   

Regina has worked and trained in public schools, community-based health clinics, and non-profit organizations. She held positions with Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program and Fenway Health in Massachusetts and Central Valley Health Network in California. These experiences encompassed working with local and state public health associations and other key stakeholders to develop models for community health and mental health improvement. Regina also has experience working in public and private schools, supporting at-risk students. In particular, she has expertise in learning disabilities; special education determination and program planning; social-emotional learning; Autism; LGBTQ+ specific and gender identity expression issues;  cultural identity formation; and psychological and educational testing.     

Regina works with individuals and families to address an array of emotional and/or behavioral concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety). In her school-based work, she collaborates with students, families, and school staff to identify barriers to academic achievement and overall well-being. More broadly, Regina is interested in supporting individuals in understanding their personal history; highlighting how culturally-based values, beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors contribute to their self-identity; and helping individuals recognize how they perceive themselves and the world. An integral part of this work is exploring individuals’ family histories through ancestral research (i.e., genealogy). Combined, Regina’s work with clients draws from several treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, cultural identity theory, and narrative therapy.  

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